Pines of Perinton website aims to provide residents with easier access to construction updates

Website aims to inform Pines of Perinton residents on renovations

Website aims to inform Pines of Perinton residents on renovations

PERINTON, N.Y. — After months of renovations, people who live at the Pines of Perinton have a new website to track the progress of construction.

Neighbors have been complaining about the ongoing construction hassle since renovations began last April .

Property spokesperson Ed Cafasso said a new website,, aims to bridge the gap.

“Anyone can visit it and we welcome anyone to visit it. The project has been underway since last April, so it’s been about a year. We are coming up on the anniversary next month. The project started with a roof replacement for all the buildings at the Pines, which is several miles worth of roof,” Cafasso said.

As we have reported, there have been many issues with the property — including mice, mold, and more.

But ever since the property managers began moving residents into temporary units to complete renovations, the hope has been to get them the information they need as quickly as possible.

“In late August of last year, early September, we began the first apartment renovations. There is 508 apartments at the Pines, and each one will be renovated,” Cafasso said.

Cafasso said the website is just one component added to the improved communication efforts being implemented at the property.

“They have direct person-to-person contact. They also have a monthly newsletter, which we post the website in the newsletter section, which I think people will find interesting because it not only gives a construction update and shows photos, but it also shows what else is going on at this community — because it’s very diverse, so there is a lot going on and with spring coming up, it will be quite busy,” Cafasso said.

Cafasso said the goal is to have all renovations completed by fall of 2025.