Pittsford-Mendon hosts sci-fi themed cabaret to support music education

PITTSFORD, N.Y. — A night of sci-fi and classical music, all in support of education. Pittsford-Mendon High School hosted a cabaret Saturday night, featuring music from different science fiction works and other space-themed music.

It was hosted by News10NBC’s Brett Davidsen.

The event was organized by FAME, which stands for Families Advocating for Music Education.

“Having a group like FAME to support us financially goes a long way. There’s just an interest. We feel like if we set the bar high, have high quality, than the kids want to be a part of something that they’re proud of and so it’s sort of self-sufficient in that way,” Paul Maguda, Pittsford-Mendon music department head, said.

The money raised Saturday will go to activities, programs and scholarships for seniors pursuing degrees in music.