Plea deal, probation for sexual abuser has previous victim concerned and ‘petrified’

Plea deal, probation for sexual abuser has previous victim concerned and ‘petrified’

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A Macedon man arrested in 2022 in Wayne County has been convicted of sexual assault in Florida — and is now out on probation.

Peter J. Smith took a plea deal in January and will serve 20 years of probation.

News10NBC has obtained court documents for the Escambia County Court in Florida that say the court has no objection to him transferring back to New York — something one of his victims is afraid of.

It’s been 35 years since Michele Brown says she and two of her best friends were sexually assaulted by Peter J. Smith in the 1980s in Wayne County. She says this happened when she was 11 and continued until she was 14.

Smith was married to her aunt.

“He had threatened us; he had told us he would kill our mothers, or we wouldn’t be believed,” Brown said.

Brown says Smith was eventually arrested and took a plea deal. The charges were dropped down to a misdemeanor. He spent 30 days in jail.

Brown was called to testify in Florida for another sexual assault case involving Smith and another 13-year-old victim in Wayne County in the early 2000s.

“That crushed me, because that’s what we wanted to prevent,” she said, adding, “For society, I am petrified. I’m petrified.”

So is Investigator Chris Wilkinson. He was investigating Peter J. Smith in Florida almost 20 years ago for another case. He says Smith was viewing dozens of pictures of child porn on a college library computer. He spent six months in jail, and the charges were dismissed.

Wilkinson says even though the victim is now in her 30s, it wasn’t too late to charge Smith.

“Sixteen years later. But there’s still no statue of limitations on a capital sexual battery,” Wilkinson said.

That’s why in July 2022 Smith was arrested in Wayne County and extradited to Florida for trial.

“When I got to the other three victims, they told the exact same story,” Wikinson said.

Court documents say Peter J. Smith took a plea deal a day before the trial began for the sexual assault case. He got 20 years probation.

Nathan Sebastian, the Escambia, Florida assistant district attorney, says it’s the best outcome for the evidence they had.

Brown says he should’ve gotten time behind bars.

Court documents on sentencing guidelines say he can travel back to New York while he awaits a transfer.

“Concerned for the people of New York,” Brown said.

Smith has to register as a sexual predator. He is also wearing an ankle monitor. He is required to provide email addresses and user names for all social media platforms.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office says they have Smith flagged in their system and will be made aware if he comes back to the area.