Plow drivers work to keep roads clear during extreme winter weather

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Dozens of plow drivers, trucks, and tons of salt: That’s what Erin Magee, Irondequoit Commissioner of Public Works, says keeps roads clear during this extreme winter weather.

She says they are staying ahead of the forecast and it’s a 24/7 operation. No road in Rochester will go untouched as they hit the main roads first, then secondary roads.

“We have salt trucks out right now,” says Magee. “And as the weather changes, we continue to monitor the forecasts and road conditions. And we react to that so we escalate if we need to bring on more trucks and change routes then that’s what we’re going to do throughout this entire event.”

Their salt barn stores 3,000 tons of salt, Erin tells me, using much less than previous winters.

‚ÄúThis season obviously we’ve used a lot less than normal than we expect,” says Magee. “But I apologize I cant say exactly how much we’ve used but during an event like this we’ll go through a fair amount.”