Police chief: ‘It’s never going to end for the Mazurkiewicz family’

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – A year and a half after his murder, Anthony Mazurkiewicz’s widow watched as the man who took his life found out how he’d be spending the rest of his.

The conviction of all 26 counts against Kelvin Vickers means he’ll spend the rest of his life behind bars without the possibility of parole.

Vickers was found guilty of murder, arson, and criminal possession of a weapon charges Friday morning in a partial verdict. The jury remained hung up, however, on deciding if Vickers knew he emptied 17 bullets into a minivan with two officers inside. They deliberated for a few more hours, concluding Friday afternoon that he had, and finding him guilty of the aggravated murder of Officer Mazurkiewicz and attempted aggravated murder of Officer Sino Seng on July 21, 2022.

Mazurkiewicz’s widow, Lynn, cried as the final “guilty” decisions were delivered. She watched as Vickers, a Massachusetts native who has been in trouble with the law since he was 12 and a reputed gang member, was handcuffed by deputies – using her husband’s cuffs.

Kelvin Vickers, wearing slain Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz’s handcuffs, is escorted out of court after being convicted of all counts on Friday, Oct. 13, 2023. (Provided photo: Democrat & Chronicle)

Members of the Rochester Police Department escorted her in and out of the courtroom each day of the trial.

“We are a family and families stick together, and it doesn’t end today,” Chief David Smith said. “It’s never going to end for the Mazurkiewicz family. This doesn’t put things back to normal. Tony’s never going to come back home. This doesn’t put things back to normal for the police department either. We will always have this in the back of our head every time we go to work as we perform our duties.”

Jennifer Lewke, News10NBC: “I was told that the handcuffs that went on Kelvin Vickers just now when he was convicted of this charge were Officer Mazurkiewicz’s.”

David Smith, Rochester Police chief: “Yes, they were, and this is a lesson. If you’re going to ambush a police officer, if you’re going to attack a police officer, hurt a police officer, murder a police officer, there is a price to be paid.”

Rochester Police Chief David Smith says the guilty verdict against Kelvin Vickers doesn’t “put things back to normal” for his department, or the Mazurkiewicz family. (Photo: Andy Heinze/News10NBC)

In a statement, Rochester Mayor Malik Evans praised the work of the district attorney’s office and the police department, saying in part: “Let the healing begin for our city, and for all the families who were harmed by this individual who showed a depraved indifference to human life.”

In a statement, Monroe County Executive Adam Bello also praised the hard work behind the conviction, saying in part: “Fifteen months ago, our community lost a hero and the members of the Rochester Police Department lost a brother. Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz was senselessly murdered while protecting the streets of Rochester – for that, we will never forget his brave service and sacrifice. While today’s murder conviction of Kelvin Vickers will not bring Officer Mazurkiewicz back, I am hopeful that it brings justice to his family and loved ones who have endured through this tragedy.”