Hundreds of pounds of food and non-food items stolen during break-in at Foodlink

Foodlink burglarized overnight

Foodlink burglarized overnight

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — It was a long morning for Foodlink employees. They woke up to learn there had been a break-in overnight.

Officials say two people broke a window to get in, before stealing non-perishable goods. News10NBC’s Eriketa Cost is following the story.

Foodlink says a couple hundred pounds of items were stolen. Everything from diapers and paper towels, to non-perishable food. 

In a photo from the security camera footage at Foodlink on Mount Read Boulevard, you can see a suspect in all black, wearing gloves, and pushing a bin with items.

Foodlink Security Video

Foodlink Security Video

Foodlink says two people broke in by smashing the window on a loading dock garage door. Then wiggled their way inside, before stealing and loading things out another door. Police arrived after the suspects had already left. No one is in custody.

Communications Director Mark Dwyer says the security system alerted them right away. He says the damage could’ve been worse, but it still is taking a toll.

“It’s very frustrating. We’re here. Everyone that works here is so dedicated to the mission,” says Dwyer. “When everyone shows up on a Monday morning ready to work, they don’t want to have to think about someone breaking into a facility and what comes in next after that. We have millions of pounds of food entrusted to us by the community, that they donate to Foodlink with the expectation that we are doing a service and making sure that we’re getting millions of pounds of food out to the community.”

The Rochester-based nonprofit feeds thousands of people in need and operates in 10 different counties, as far south as Hornell.

Foodlink has more 200 programs throughout the Rochester area including community meal programs, after-school snacks, and food pantries. All the programs are free. The nonprofit’s mission is to help fight poverty by lessening food insecurity, which 1 in 10 people in the region experience.

Foodlink President and CEO Julia Tedesco released this statement about the burglary:

“Foodlink was made aware of a break-in to our facility late Sunday night and is cooperating with the Rochester Police Department on the investigation. We will review security footage to determine the extent of the damage, and are deeply disappointed at the theft of both food and non-food items from our distribution center. Our food-banking operations and all of our food-related programs will not be severely impacted, and we look forward to continuing our mission and service to this community.”

RPD is still looking for suspects and anyone with information is encouraged to call 911.