Police looking for suspects in two separate deadly shootings overnight, along with suspect in stabbing

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Police are searching for the shooters in two murders that happened overnight, within hours of each other. One was at a large party. Police found one man shot to death on Olean Street, and then about an hour later found multiple others shot on State Street.

The first call came in around 1:40 Sunday morning. Police found a man, shot to death on the ground on Olean street. Then around 2:40, police got another call for shots fired just a few blocks away on State Street. Officers on scene described it as chaotic, with at least 50 people running in the street. Police say it was an “unsanctioned” party in front of Burrito Urbano.

At that scene police found a 20-year-old man shot. He died at the hospital. There was another 30-year-old gunshot victim, who has non-life threatening injuries. A third victim who was working a hot dog stand was stabbed, he’s expected to be ok. Police say people shouldn’t have to be witness to violent acts like this.

“First of all our heart goes out to anyone who has to witness this tonight, or any act of violence that we face here whether it’s in the city or another city. We want people to, if they did see something obviously you want us to come forward and let us know what they saw and what they know and that would be helpful to us it’s a violent act and anyone who have to see it its concerning”, Capt. Ryan Tauriello said, fom the Rochester Police Department.

Police say they believe an argument led up to the State Street shooting. It’s not clear if the stabbing was connected to it.

Police say they are still searching for suspects in both shootings. Anyone with information is asked to call police.