Pontillo’s Pizzeria: the temporary closure situation is ‘devastating’

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PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WHEC) — The owners of the Pittsford Pontillo’s Pizza are speaking out after its Pittsford location was shut down due to code violations.

A spokesperson for the family-owned business says the entire situation is “devastating.” We’ve been tracking this story for a few days, and there’s been a lot of confusion about the closure. At one point, deputies and town leaders had different stories.

We got an email from one of the owners. The first thing was an apology for not speaking sooner and apologizing for the stress and confusion it brought the community. We asked for an on-camera interview but didn’t hear back. A “temporary closure” notice is slapped on the front door of Pontillo’s Pizza on State Street. The notice says “due to numerous code violations and safety issues this establishment has been closed until all items have been corrected.”

Thursday night, a spokesperson for the business said the situation is devastating, saying, “This temporary closure was primarily due to a needed upgrade to our fire suppression system, hood cleaning and ceiling repair. We have been tirelessly working and have upgraded the building code violations and made the necessary repairs to reopen.”

However, this is not an open and shut story. The narrative around the closure was confusing.

The Pittsford Town Supervisor posted on Facebook that village officials were called after a drug overdose in the parking lot and drug paraphernalia was found inside.

The sheriff’s office told us deputies responded back on Sept. 13 for a welfare call in the Pontillo’s parking lot. They found a person not feeling well, but told us there was no overdose.

Then we got a statement from village Mayor Alysa Plummer. She confirms that an inspection by village code enforcement was prompted by that welfare call. She says inside Pontillo’s they found needles, but no evidence of drug sales there.

In response, Pontillo’s said that the building was never condemned. Pontillo’s said the village put the wrong sign on the door and it has since been corrected to a temporary closure.

According to Pontillo’s, the welfare call was for an employee who relapsed—and that no drug use was happening inside the store. That another employee called police.

Pontillo’s also said, “Help is being sought for the former employee and we wish them a successful recovery. Again, I apologize for the stress and confusion this has brought on the community. We have been part of the Pittsford Village for several decades and look forward to reopening soon. We appreciate all your support in this unforeseen situation.”‘

Pontillo’s must correct the code violations to re-open. The spokesperson for the business says they hope to reopen next week.