Popular candy shop makes sweet gesture for Bills and Damar Hamlin

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – For the last year, Stever’s Candies on Park Avenue has been making Buffalo Bills chocolate pops. After the Bills held its 2022 training camp at St. John Fisher, the candy shop started making Bills helmet-shaped chocolate pops.

Of course it became a very popular item. After Monday night’s terrifying game in Cincinnati, the shop made a post for Hamlin. Stever’s posted a picture to Facebook showing the Bills pop, a chocolate #3 for Hamlin, with red heart-shaped candies around it. The post is getting a lot of traction.

“We make chocolate numbers. We had the Bills pops. We’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day. So, we had the red hearts, so we put it together to show support, for everyone that was full of the feelings we’ve had this week,” Leslie Stever said.

Stever says showing up for the team, which for her, is yes the Bills, but also her staff and all of Rochester. She says showing up is important no matter how it’s done.

“So many of our customers are fans, the people who work here are fans and we were all watching the game, and we all saw it happen and it was awful.”

It’s no secret, Bills Mafia is incredible, Stever says the nationwide support for the Bills, including Hamlin, just proves the world still has its humanity. She says Sunday’s game will be emotional, in the best way possible. “The horrific weather that they had and the loss of life there was awful. And, then this happens, so yes, they’re going to have immense support this weekend, no doubt.”