Principal pushed during altercation at Rush-Henrietta; Sheriff’s deputies to remain after third fight in a week

HENRIETTA, N.Y. – Two fights at Rush-Henrietta High School prompted law enforcement to be on campus during arrivals and dismissals all week.

A third incident happened Friday afternoon in the cafeteria, and it ended with a student in handcuffs.

In a message to parents, the principal said a student was asked to leave the cafeteria. He refused, using foul language and getting physically aggressive with employtees.

School officials told News10NBC that a deputy and the principal intervened – and the student pushed the principal. The student was handcuffed, issued a summons for Monroe County Family Court, and released to the custody of his parents.

“Unfortunately, this all unfolded in front of the other students in the cafeteria,” according to the principal, Dr. Tim Shafer. “We realize many of them have witnessed some uncomfortable situations during the past week. In response, we are working with our mental health professionals to reach out to students in the days to come. At the same time, we encourage you to contact your child’s school counselor or administrator to let us know how we can help.”

Deputies will remain posted outside the high school. Meanwhile, the student will also face punishment by the district.