R-Centers are expanding hours and hosting activities over winter break

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The city’s R-Centers expanded their hours starting Tuesday and are hosting dozens of activities for children who are off from school on winter break.

All R-Centers will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. until Friday, Dec. 29. That’s an expansion from their normal school-year hours of 2 to 9 p.m.

All city residents are able to use R-Center facilities and participate in their programs, most of which are free. You can register for activities by creating an online account and signing up here. Here are some of the activities planned this winter. You can see hours, days, and more information in the Roc Guide for Winter 2023-2024:

Activities for life skills and friendship development

  • Being Bosses: Learn what it takes to be a productive citizen through activities and projects in the R-Center. Avenue D
  • Make it Manner: In this etiquette class, learn how to shine through exemplary manners and personal hygiene. Avenue D
  • Life Cents: Learn how to manage your finances—it’s never too early to start! Edgerton
  • Entrepreneurship Class: Learn how to start and run your own business and gain the knowledge and
    resources to be successful. This class will include field trips for further exploration. Lightfoot
  • Job Readiness Training with Buck: Get with Buck and get some luck! Buck will provide job search and job readiness skills that will connect you with the job world. Lightfoot

Gaming and interest clubs

  • Video Game Challenge: Challenge a friend to competitive games on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Avenue D
  • Gaming Program: From basic to advanced skills, learn to master PC and game console gaming. Gantt
  • MNF Club: (Monday Night Football) Every Monday night for the NFL games, join Joe to hang out, talk football, and enjoy the game with other youth. Carter
  • Chess Club: Learn to strategize and master the game of chess. Jackson
  • Coding and Legos: Discover coding and Lego building. Jackson

Nature and outdoors activites

  • Earth Explorers: In this nature-based program, immerse yourself in the amazing natural world around you. Centered on the Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights, activities include RocVentures rock climbing sessions, fall field trips, indoor STEAM activities, and more! Adams, Edgerton, Ryan, Jackson

Sports activities

  • Open Basketball: Come shoot some hoops or play pickup games of basketball. Ryan, Cauldwell
  • Youth Open Basketball & Skills Training: Learn general basketball skills and play pickup games. Ryan
  • Floor Hockey: Come out and play a pickup game of hockey. Ryan

Teams and organized play

  • Volleyball/Pickleball: Enjoy fun and competitive volleyball and pickleball games. Ryan
  • Dart League: Come learn how to play cricket and 01 dart games and enter a fun league. Carter
  • Soccer: Enjoy fun and competitive soccer games. Carter, Ryan
  • Football: Sharpen your skills with football games played in the gym. NFL flag football rules will be used. Ryan
  • Nerf Football: Enjoy football games played with a Nerf football and flags in the gym. Ryan
  • Biddy Basketball: Have fun in basketball instructional sessions and games. Jackson
  • Wheelchair Basketball: Have fun in basketball instructional sessions and games. Jackson
  • Fitness: Through teams sports and league play, develop strong leadership skills, sportsmanship, and friendships. Gantt
  • Group Games: Try your hand at classic and modern games such as mat ball, dodgeball, kickball. Ryan
  • Girls ROC Athletics: Have fun and tap into the empowerment sports can provide. Ryan
  • Skateboarding Workshops: Learn skateboarding basics. Ryan

Coaching and training

  • Sports Conditioning: Through training and preparation, enhance your athletic abilities and
    performance. Edgerton, Cauldwell
  • Girls Volleyball Clinic: Enhance your volleyball skills to be ready for the spring season. Douglass
  • Girls Softball Clinic: Enhance your softball skills to be ready for the spring season. Douglass
  • Boys Baseball: Enhance your baseball skills to be ready for the spring season. Douglass
  • Charles Murray Boxing: Discover the rewards of boxing training, matches, and discipline. Jackson
  • Jackson Boxing Club: Discover the rewards of boxing training, matches, and discipline. Jackson

Activities for preparing for a lifetime of learning

  • Cursive Writing: Learn how to write in cursive. Ryan
  • As The Page Turns: Join a weekly book club to discover new and exciting reads and discuss them with friends. Ryan
  • Attain Lab: Strengthen your digital skills through computer education and programing. Jackson

Cooking and nutrition classes

  • Cooking Classes with Asia: Dive into the culinary arts and learn how to cook meals and snacks. Adams
  • Home Ec at the Rec: Learn how to prep and cook meals in a fun and innovative way. Avenue D
  • Cooking Class: Dive into the culinary arts and learn how to cook meals and snacks. Carter
  • Top Chef: Discover hands-on demonstrations of culinary arts to explore the career field and enjoyment of preparing food. Gantt
  • Cheffing it up: Discover basic cooking skills, recipes, measurements, and flavorful foods. Edgerton, Cauldwell
  • Appetizers and Baking: Enjoy this 6-week program where you will learn to make tasty appetizers and
    baked goods. Lightfoot

Arts and crafts activities

  • Crocheting: Learn the crochet basics you need to be able to make blankets, clothes and more. Avenue D
  • R-Hair: Learn how to style hair for yourself and others. Avenue D
  • Air Brush Program: Develop your artistic skills through airbrush design and retro clothing. Gantt
  • Paint and Bake Ceramics: Learn the basic art of ceramics. Edgerton
  • Color Me Creative: Enjoy paper and canvas art. Edgerton, Cauldwel

Dance classes

  • Changing Faces: Step to the beat in this coed step program. Avenue D
  • Roc Royals Step & Dance Team: Strengthen self-esteem and team building through the art of step
    and dance. Gantt
  • Purple Diamonds Dance Team: Build strong relationships and develop interpersonal skills through modern dance routines. Gantt
  • Grupo Cultural Latinos Dance: Get moving with Latinos modern and historical cultural dance. Gantt
  • Dance: Express yourself through dance. Edgerton, Cauldwel