RBTL officially owns entire Auditorium Center

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The Rochester Broadway Theatre League has officially acquired the entire Auditorium Center building.

This comes after the RBTL announced in February that it entered a contract to buy the building at the corner of East Main and Prince Street and would complete renovations by 2030. RBTL has owned the theatre portion of the building for 19 years. However, if they used any other part of the building, they had to rent it.

The RBTL will host a series of tours open to the community and the media before renovations begin. On Wednesday, the RBTL also announced that it’s partnering with Pike Construction Services, LaBella Associates, and LeChase Construction for the renovations. The first phase will begin later this year, focused on enhanced access and amenities.

In a press conference, RBTL said that the renovations will include repairing the elevator, the brass doors, and the light fixtures. The theatre group is currently working on a new sound system and they will eventually improve the cathedral room for smaller theatre groups.

Arnie Rothschild, CEO and Board Chair of RBTL, said at the conference that the renovations will improve the experience for the audience.

“We will make this an absolute jewel in our community,” he said.