RCSD students start the year off with free, fresh haircuts

RCSD students given free fresh haircuts

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Students at Martin Luther King Jr. School 9 had the opportunity to get a free haircut Wednesday during the school day.

The event was sponsored by the Dezio and Gingello Foundation. In order to get their hair cut, all the children had to do was have a parent or guardian sign a waiver, then the students were able to relax and enjoy their haircut.

Two hairstylists volunteered their time to cut and style the student’s hair. While the students got their haircut, they had the opportunity to speak with youth counselors about their hopes and plans for the new year.

Jake Bishop, the Executive Director for the Dezio Gingello foundation said it’s important to do this for students in the new year, to remind them that people still care about them. The foundation wants to take this burden off the children and their families.

“I think a lot of the times nonprofits or people help out its during the holidays, we want to show to the kids that we still care into the new year and it’s about self-respect and dignity. These kids get to hang out, talk and enjoy, and look good,” says Bishop.

Bishop stressed the importance of starting the new year off feeling confident and looking cool.