Record turnout for annual Clean Sweep event

More than 2,000 people volunteer for Clean Sweep Day

More than 2,000 people volunteer for Clean Sweep Day

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The city of Rochester received its yearly makeover with the annual “Clean Sweep” event, which kicked off at the Innovative Field early Saturday morning.

This event saw volunteers team up with city crews to clear away winter debris and litter from various neighborhoods, marking a significant community-driven beautification effort.

This year’s Clean Sweep witnessed a record-breaking turnout, making it the largest in its history.

Mayor Malik Evans expressed his appreciation for the community’s involvement.

“It just shows that people care about Rochester. You hear often about the bad things in the community, but there’s so many good things happening, so it’s good to be able to come in on a weekend and see people getting up on 8 o’clock in the morning, coming in to clean up the city. It really warms my heart,” Evans said.

Participants, including over 2,000 volunteers, shared the sentiment of pride and positivity.

Brent James, a Clean Sweep participant, shared, “It feels good seeing somebody come out and do positive things in life in our community. We have a beautiful community, know what I’m saying?”

After completing the cleanup, volunteers were treated to a free Red Wings game.

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