Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts holds first-ever career day for students

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – You could really see the excitement on students’ faces at Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts in Greece Tuesday.

The students learned about different career paths – from flight attendants, firefighters, and even mounted police officers, not to mention most of the students’ favorite part: the video game truck.

Assistant principal Ruth Tolbert said part of the school’s mission is to provide students with a rich and rigorous education. Exposing them to different career choices is an important part of that.

“Our hope is that for students to be able to see the possibilities of different choices that they can make in life and different career options that they can pursue as they get older,” said Tolbert.

Not only that, but the earlier they’re exposed, the better.

“They have been very excited to see the connection between what they’re learning in the classroom to the community,” said ENL teacher Colette Agostinelli.

For the students, they said it’s exciting to see how many different options there are.

“I think it’s pretty cool that you get to talk to someone that you probably have the same interest in, like, video games, and something that you probably thought nobody really would ever do or have someone come in and talk to you about,” said sixth grade student ambassador Amari Holt.

It also helps them with their leadership skills.

“It’s really an honor because we learn so much from our teachers and so much from our friends and all of that, so it really encourages us to do this more often,” said sixth grade student ambassador Knevaeh Colquit.

Staff said they hope to make career day a yearly thing and encourage more people in the community to participate.