RG&E prepares for possible outages ahead of winter storm

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CHILI, N.Y. – RG&E is preparing for possible power outages brought on by winter weather.

For more than a year now we’ve been reporting on major billing and customer service issues at RG&E. One area that has remained fairly steady through that storm, is storm response. RG&E says it has normal crews out and ready and it has brought in an additional 300 crews that are on standby. Those crews are spread out across the area and ready to respond if needed.  

“We’re constantly monitoring the weather,” says Alexis Arnold with RG&E. “So once we hear that the weather can be an issue or cause a slight inconvenience or could possibly interrupt service, we start that planning well in advance of who we’re going to keep on hand and how we’re going to have those people on hand to respond if there were any service interruptions.”

“As far as power outages go, check with your neighbor first,” says Arnold. “You might want to walk over and make sure that they are with or without power just to make sure that maybe the loss of power in your home didn’t result from a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.”