‘Ridiculous we have to live like this’: Pines of Perinton residents speak out on trash issue

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PERINTON, N.Y. Trash spilling out of dumpsters at the Pines of Perinton apartment complex is the latest issue people who live there are dealing with this time.

Neighbors have been complaining about trash piling up for weeks and they say they haven’t received a straight answer from property management as to why garbage has not been picked up and dumpsters have not been cleaned out.

Many say they are fed up with the pile of garbage and to make matters worse they are seeing more rodents – not one or two but so many they’ve named them and say it’s concerning to the safety of people and kids who live there.

Dumpster after dumper after dumpster at the property is all filled with trash from top to bottom. Bill Scheuermann, who has lived at the property for seven years with his dog Milo, is aggravated by the garbage on the property and says it is out of control.

“I called today and asked them what was going on with the garbage,” Scheuermann said. “She said, ‘Well, we are aware of it.’ Well OK, why isn’t it being picked up, one resident who was looking for answers from property management asked.”

Residents have been trying to get answers from building management, and on Monday they said the response they received is there was a clerical error. Monday afternoon, building maintenance picked up the garbage that spilled onto the property grounds.

“All the dumpsters are still full to the brim so overnight it’s just going to be more garbage on the ground,” Scheuermann said. “The people here have started naming the rats because they are around every night. I mean I think we are going to have little races. One of these days we are going to contain them all.”

Another resident Lisa Boyer explains when she comes over to the dumpster it’s so full, she has no choice but to leave her trash on the ground.

“There’s no room,” Boyer said. “There’s never any room, oh please.”

Boyer would try to dump her trash in another dumpster. However, there’s no room in any of the dumpsters to place trash.

“It’s very very frustrating,” Boyer said. “Oh please, I wish I could leave here.”

This is the same place that had a devastating fire in January 2022, and News10NBC has also reported on issues there of mice, mold and more. News10NBC went to the Perinton Town Supervisor Ciaran Hanna to get answers about this latest issue of garbage. His office was made aware of it Monday morning and he contacted the Pines of Perinton management to find out what was going on.

“What we were told is there was a billing issue and that has been rectified and it’s going to be picked up tomorrow,” Hanna said.

Pines of Perinton released the following statement Monday:

“Unfortunately, trash collection at the property was briefly interrupted due to a technical glitch with the vendor. The collection will resume Tuesday morning and any excess trash will be cleaned up. We apologize for the delay and appreciate the patience residents have shown.”