Roc Cub Scouts looking for new charter after being forced to leave SWAN center

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ROCHESTER – “Three weeks ago, SWAN contacted us and said we’re not renewing your charter, and vacate the premises,” Cub Scout 2005 Master Heather Feiman said.

The group said it’s being forced to leave the SWAN Montgomery Neighborhood Center. They said they were given a three week notice to leave without an explanation.

News10NBC’s Stephanie Duprey spoke exclusively with them, as well as a former employee of the center, who helped create the team. The Cub Scout group was created from within SWAN on Cady Street.

Feiman said the center has been a charter for the group up until recently. What’s concerning to the group, is most of the kids walk to the center to be part of the scouts.

“We have kids that walk here, and I need to make sure that these neighborhood kids, are still given these opportunities,” Feiman said. “They’ve been chartered by SWAN for about a year. Randomly just last week, it was told to leave, and doesn’t know why.”

“I was never given anything other than slip the key under the door, and a voicemail that said when you’re done, getting your stuff out, put the key under my door,” Feiman explained.

Feiman said SWAN is under new leadership.

Tiffany Owens, the former executive director of the center, said she created the Cub Scouts, with the idea that it would be beneficial for kids in the community, and it was. The group started with five kids and grew to 30 within the first few months.

“I’m not sure what the reasoning is, with charters, sometimes that does happen, but in most instances there is usually a bit of a lead time, that the scouts will be given,” Owens said.

Owens left SWAN for better career opportunities last June. She says she worked hard to create a safe space for the community and hopes those resources aren’t phased out.

“The young people, to make sure they are given, the types of resources, that everyone says all the time are needed here in the city, to kind of stop the bleeding in the city in areas that we all know is needed.”

As for the Scouts, they’re currently looking for a place to host them or to be a charter.

“The community needs this, it’s not the same, and things are just changing, in a way that’s not community based, as far as I can see,” Feiman added.

News10NBC reached out to SWAN, and its board members to get more information on what’s going on. We’re just waiting to hear back.

In the meantime, Feiman said they’re still looking for someone, or a place to go. She said anyone who might know ways to help, can email her at

On Jan. 14, News10NBC learned that the Scouts have secured a new space at the First Church of God on Clarissa Street and plan to resume meetings and programs.