Roc Holiday Village opens; Genesee Brew House lights Keg Tree

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – We saw some of the weather pick up Friday night. Rain sprinkled on the Genesee Brew House Keg Tree Lighting and Roc Holiday Village. The village announced it will be shut down Saturday morning because of the weather.

“We have a wreath and everything so hopefully nothing blows away we don’t have any blow ups thank God, because I feel like those would be the first to go,” Charles Hiscock and Rachel Czolgosz.

People are securing their decorations ahead of windy weather. It was a rainy opening night for Roc Holiday Village and Genesee Brew House Keg tree lighting. The keg tree is layered with secure straps so it’s not going anywhere. Roc Holiday Village says they have to postpone half the day Saturday because of weather.

“Safety is our primary concern, so we are going to close, in the morning we will not open until 4pm,” Roc Holiday Village co-founder, Kelli Marsh said.

Marsh says her team will be out keeping tabs, but they’re not stressing over wind damage.

“These structures are built to withstand, certain wind strengths and so we’re not worried about that just some of the smaller things that need to be secured.”

Overall it was a great opening day for holiday activities in Rochester. People said weather is not going to keep them away from events that are made to bring people together.

“It feels great, I love being able to walk around no masks and this is a big thing, me and my family come to this every year, it’s a nice environment and you can do a lot here,” Hiscock and Czolgosz added.