Rochester girl carried to Taylor Swift’s suite at Highmark Stadium by Jason Kelce

Swiftie Meets Taylor

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ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. – Not everyone left Highmark Stadium totally devasted after the Buffalo Bills loss on Sunday night. An 8-year-old girl from Penfield became a viral sensation when she had an up-close encounter with pop superstar Taylor Swift. 

Swift’s boyfriend’s brother, Jason Kelce hopped out of the suite, picked up Ella Piazza and brought her to see and waive to Taylor Swift. 

Both Ella and her mom Jessica are self-proclaimed “Swifties.” “I’ve been a fan since I was about five,” 8 year-old Ella explains. “I like her personality and how she sings and when I heard that she was going to the Bills game I thought, ‘yeah!’ Buffalo Bills plus Taylor Switft equals best first game ever!””

The Piazzas thought the Eras Tour would be the only time they’d get to see Swift in person but when they learned she’d be coming to the game, they made a sign to try and get her attention and Ella had her Bills clothing decked out with a touch of Taylor (a sweatshirt that reads “In my playoff era”, friendship bracelets, ect.)  

“We really were just hoping to see her walk in or walk out,” explains Jessica. It turns out their seats were on the other side of the stadium but luckily Jessica had a friend of a friend who was sitting much closer to the suite Taylor Swift was sitting in, that friend agreed to switch tickets at half-time. 

“So, her friend’s brother was like directly in front of Taylor, so, we walked over there and then the two guys in front of us were yelling to Jason, like… give her a chance,” recalls Ella.

Ella kept waiving her sign and what happened from there has been seen by millions of people around the world. 

Jason Kelce, star center for the Philadelphia Eagles and brother of Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, saw the sign. “And then, Jason drank his beer and then he opened up the window, he climbed out of the suite and gave the girl next to us a photo and then he said, “Let’s show Taylor this sign,” Ella explains. 

Kelce hoisted Ella up and brought her to the window.

“Taylor like smiled, she was so happy and she did like this with her hand (excitedly waved)” Ella says.

When Ella got back to her seat, she exploded into tears of joy. “Like oh my goodness, I feel like shocked and happy at the same time,” she says.

Even with a Bills loss, Jason Kelce and Taylor Swift made it a memorable day for little Ella and her mom Jessica.