Rochester man sentenced for wife’s 2022 homicide and arson

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – On Wednesday, 50-year-old Juan Rivera was sentenced to 25 years in the New York State Department of Corrections plus five years of post-release supervision for homicide, consecutive to 1-3 years in the New York State Department of Corrections for arson. He previously pled guilty to manslaughter and arson for the stabbing death of Maribel Diaz and the arson of his home.

On the night of June 17, 2022, Rochester Police Officers went to Suntru Street where they found 35-year-old Maribel Diaz stabbed to death inside her car. Officers found her estranged husband, Rivera, at his home on McNaughton Street on June 18, 2022. Rivera set fire to the home, which was owned by his parents, where at least eleven animals died.

He was arrested for the arson and the homicide of Maribel Diaz.

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