Rochester mayor still waiting for information after AMR EMTs make man get off ambulance

Ambulance Service Investigation

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Rochester Mayor Malik Evans says he’s still waiting for AMR and the NYS Department of Health to complete their investigations into why a Rochester man, who was having trouble breathing, was forced off an AMR ambulance while en route to the hospital.

The man collapsed within moments of being made to get off the rig and laid face-down on a city sidewalk for nearly 2 ½ minutes in front of EMTs and officers before someone came over to help him. He was eventually loaded back on to an ambulance and taken to the hospital where he died two weeks later.

New10NBC first reported this story last week when the City of Rochester released video from body worn cameras on responding police officers and blue light cameras along Seneca Avenue, where the ambulance pulled over.

In one of the videos, you can hear an EMT say the man jumped at her, demanded oxygen, and grabbed her arm. The man tries to explain to the responding police officer saying, “I was freaking out, you would freak out too if you couldn’t breathe,” but he was still made to get out of the ambulance. He then walked over to a make-shift bench and sat down before falling, face-first, onto the ground.

“I was not pleased and still am not pleased by that situation,” Rochester Mayor Malik Evans said on Tuesday. “AMR is still doing their own investigation, we have asked for some information that we’ve gotten so far but that still has not told us why this individual was taken off the ambulance, so I’m not satisfied with the why, why this happened.”

The New York State Department of Health Bureau of EMS and Trauma Systems has launched its own investigation into the situation.

“I’m hoping that the investigation will show what broke down, why it broke down and what consequences will be as a result of this,” says Mayor Evans.

When asked if he had any concerns with how the police officers responded to the call Evans said, “I think that we will look at the entirely of that situation as it relates to everyone that was on the scene but I will say that police officers aren’t EMS workers and when you have an ambulance that’s on the scene, my expectation is that the experts, which are the paramedics, take care of the individual that is in a health situation in which they need help.”

Watch the full video below: