Rochester mom sending daughter to preschool: ‘The future is going to be bright’

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Dozens of backpacks were handed out to students at Rochester School No. 54 on Otis Street Thursday.

They were filled with supplies to get them ready to head back to school.

Rochester Board of Education member James Patterson said the school is children’s “home away from home.”

News10NBC’s Berkeley Brean sat down with the mother of a little girl named Jaylaa. She’s going to start preschool at School 54 soon.

Berkeley Brean, News10NBC: “What does this mean to you?”

Davida Bush, Jaylaa’s mom: “To me, this is very helpful for me. Because I have three kids in school, this is very helpful. They gave her enough school supplies for this year.”

Brean: “What are you excited about with the start of school?

Bush: “First, it’s her first year of school, so that’s why I’m really excited. She’s my only daughter. That’s what I’m excited for. She is more excited than me. So when we came up this morning, we walked up, she just, ‘Mom, let me out the car. I want to go to school.'”

Brean: “What are you nervous about?”

Bush: “That it’s just our first year. How she’s going to take it. I feel like she’s going to do good. Then again, she’s a mama’s girl. Some days will be harder than others. But other than that, they make me feel comfortable enough to know they got her, she’s okay, she’s always okay.”

Brean: “How do you feel about the future?”

Bush: “I feel the future is going to be bright for us. Not even just the school. All these schools trying to get back together and make it more comfortable and making it where parents can be back in the school and interact more with the teachers, the principals, the board and we feel [comfortable] enough to speak up now that we can talk and we can be here to sit in class, see what they’re doing, what they’re going through.”

“I feel like the future’s going to be great for her and me,” Bush added.