Rochester’s 14605 zip code is the poorest in the city, and second poorest in the entire state

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Rochester’s 14605 zip code is the poorest in the city, and second poorest in the entire state. It includes the North Clinton Avenue corridor, where a 3 year-old was shot in the head this week.

Mayor Malik Evans says violence in that zip code has been persistent. Friday, he gave an update on the city’s gun violence emergency. He also talked about investment initiatives happening in the community.

Evans says he’s making sure that the city zeroes in on neighborhoods in crisis which are being held hostage by violent offenders. Getting them off the streets while helping to pump the North Clinton area economy is a priority.

“The people of North Clinton Avenue will not be living hostages. They will not be,” said Evans.

The Mayor, and his Senior Management Team vow to turn the 14605 zip code into a vibrant part of the city. One top priority to help cut down on violent crime is building more affordable housing.

“There has been a $25M investment, and 75 new homes in the project called Pueblo Nuevo. That was Phase 1, and in Phase 2, $13M investment in 29 new homes all in the North Clinton area along Sullivan Street, North Clinton, O’Brien Street,” said Dana Miller, Neighborhood and Business Development Commissioner.

Department of Recreation and Human Services Commissioner Dr. Shirley Green says improvements have been made at R-Centers in the zip code.

“That includes having two vibrant R-Centers in 14605. We have the Gantt R-Center with extended hours in the summer until 7pm, as well as Saturday hours. So there’s a safe place for our young people to be not only during the weekday, but also on Saturday,” said Dr. Green.

Another initiative targets non-city residents who Evans says is part of the problem.

“This is why it matters to the larger community. Some of the zip codes of these individuals. They live in Greece. They live in Fairport. They live in Brighton. They live in other places, and they’re coming to North Clinton Ave. for a particular purpose,” said Evans.

Corporation Counsel Linda Kingsley explains how suburban drug buying customers will be targeted.

“If we see a vehicle with occupants engaging in what appears to be an illegal interaction in Clinton Avenue area, and we may expand it to other areas, the registered owner of the vehicle can expect to see a brightly colored envelope, nothing discreet about it from the City of Rochester appearing in their mailbox,” said Kingsley.

See Mayor’s complete update below.

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