Rochester’s gas prices remain steady while national average increases

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Gas prices in Rochester remained steady in the past week while the national average increased by five cents.

Rochester’s average price for gas landed on $3.26 per gallon on Monday. While that’s higher than the national average of $3.20 per gallon, the gap seems to be closing. The national average raised by 12 cents while Rochester’s average raised by only 9 cents in the past four weeks.

AAA says that February is typically a time when gas prices begin to slowly rise. Prices are typically lowest in December and January, then increase until they reach their peak in June and July.

The cheapest gas station in Rochester on Sunday was $2.90 per gallon while the most expensive was $1.09 per gallon, found a GasBuddy’s survey. You can find the cheapest local stations through a link to GasBuddy.

Rochester’s average for gas is six cents higher than in Buffalo but two cents lower than in Syracuse. Elmira had the cheapest gas out of cities in upstate New York at $3.05 per gallon. You can explore gas price trends on the website for AAA.