RPD counts 36 cars vandalized in Park Avenue neighborhood, one stolen and crashed on Bay Street

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — At least 12 people in one apartment house in the Park Avenue neighborhood woke up to find their cars smashed.

Most were in a parking lot on Vick Park A. We also found vandalized cars on Oxford and Meigs streets.

“So they broke my two back windows,” said Brian Nowicki on Vick Park A.

Nowicki got up early this morning to find his car vandalized.

“Everything was back here, my golf clubs, my clothes. And then they smashed the other window the same way,” he said.

Nowicki thinks the vandals used his golf clubs to smash all the other cars.

“These are the remnants of my clubs,” he said, pointing a few left behind on the pavement. “But they took the whole bag and all the other clubs.”

“So I come out really early in the morning so it was super dark,” said Breezy Sloth, whose car was also vandalized.

Sloth thought her windshield was frosted over but when she ran her hand over the windshield, she realized it was broken glass.

“I mean if you look inside it’s just covered in glass,” she said pointing to the back seat of her car.

We found a car smashed on Oxford Street.

We found a vandalized SUV in an apartment parking lot few blocks away on Meigs Street.
Police say there were nine others on Meigs and 13 on Alexander Street.

It was a wild night for cars.

A phone video shows a stolen car from Brighton Street in Park Avenue crashed into another car driving on Bay Street two miles away. “Wow, look at that,” the voice on the cell phone video says.

A short time before that, three KIAs were stolen off the lot at Bob Johnson’s in Henrietta.

“It’s absolutely unbelievable that this is happening in the city,” Sloth said. “I am a part of this community. I’ve been a part of this community. I’m a voice for this community and it’s really disheartening and it’s really scary.”

RPD counted 36 cars vandalized over night.

Earlier this week, we reported that the number of stolen cars in Rochester has fallen off a cliff. It’s down 70 percent since the peak in June.