RPD is looking to hire more officers

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — The need for police officers here in Rochester is growing. The Rochester Police Department held a recruitment event Sunday. There were about 100 recruits at the training facility on Scottsville Road. There are about 150 recruits enrolled right now.

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“We’re trying to find that next group to jump in here and fill these ranks, because we have shortages, but we have to find the right people,” Sergeant Justin Collins said.

These events are held year round. RPD officers say, they need people. The number of vacancies in the department was not clear.

These recruits go through trainings, take exams, and much more. Sergeant Collins, who has been in charge of recruitment for the department for many years says, his email has been flooded with outstanding reviews from members of the community on the group of new recruits they have right now. Which is significant, because in a year or so, the next time they engage with them could be in uniform. I asked Collins, what the training, or conversations are like with new recruits when it comes to the current level of violence in the city.

“We are very direct with them, we are aware of the violence, our goal , that’s why we’re looking for those special people. People who are mature, consistent, emotionally intelligent, that can handle stuff like that because no doubt, this job is a stressful career,” Collins said.

Jermaine Marks, and Darious McClendon have lived in Rochester since they were kids. They both said seeing the violence in the neighborhoods they grew up in, is why they want to wear a badge.

Duprey: “Why do you want to be a police officer?”

Marks: “As many people don’t like to admit, when you see a police officer its normally not on your best day so this is signing up to be there for someone on their worst day every single time.”

McClendon: “I want to be the gap between black community and police officers, I feel like there is a disconnect and coming together is the only way we’re going to fix the violence and the fear of everything going on in the city.”

Marks added that he knows every single person in the room is committed to making a change in the community they call home.

“We are just as imperfect as they are, and we are willing to learn from  them and we will do our best to make things better.”

There is still room for more recruits, if you’re interested the deadline is this coming Friday, the 19th. You can sign up for free, here.