Scholarship focuses on Down Syndrome career fields

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – A Roberts Wesleyan University scholarship focuses on training students in Down’s Syndrome assistance career fields.

For parents like Kimberley Wiedefeld, it’s more than just a scholarship. It’s personal.

“There is such a teacher deficit. And Roberts is one of the few institutions that is growing in teacher education and has an opportunity to help train people to serve people like my daughter really,” Wiedefeld said.

A Roberts Wesleyan University Vice President of Enrollment, Wiedefeld said she hopes the new $28,000 grant by Flower City Down Syndrome Network will encourage more students to choose a career in helping others, like her 10-year-old daughter, Kate. “She’s in the fourth grade. She loves to dance. She loves to sing. One of her favorite parts of school is P.E. She loves to play football with the guys and anything active outside.”

Breaking down myths and misconceptions, one day at a time.

“Get to know somebody with Down Syndrome. Say hello. Ask them what they enjoy. Find out a little bit about what life is like and give yourself the opportunity to really have all the myths you have about Down Syndrome be blown away,” Wiedefeld said.

As World Down Syndrome Awareness Day approaches on March 21, Wiedefeld said there is no better time to encourage awareness and bring more teachers into the classroom.

“The currently enrolled students have the opportunity right now to apply for this scholarship and receive it for this upcoming fall,” said Wiedefeld.