Second incident in three weeks: Woman stomped on, pepper sprayed at Dave and Buster’s

HENRIETTA, N.Y. – This is not the first incident at Dave and Buster’s, it’s the second in three weeks. An employee who captured video of it says these fights are just one too many.

News10NBC found out they are happening at Dave and Busters all across the country. From Florida to Texas to Maryland to NYC and of course right here in Rochester. 

“It was bad,” says Alyssa LoConte. “I couldn’t even defend myself. You just have to take it and wait for it to end.”

What started off as a fun date night turned into a nightmare!

“All I remember is just us getting jumped on and everything. I was on the floor most of the time getting my hair pulled, stomped on, pepper sprayed,” says LoConte.

This all happened Saturday, January 14th.

Alyssa LoConte says they were leaving as a group was getting kicked out, they got caught in the middle of it. The next thing she remembers is she was surrounded by a group of people and was defenseless

LoConte: “There was no fighting back. There was so many people I couldn’t even see. Like once you can’t see you don’t know what’s going on. There’s no helping yourself at that point.”

Alyssa says the attack went on for nearly 10 minutes

LoConte: “I was just waiting. I was like is somebody going to help us is somebody going to do something?”

Alyssa’s boyfriend Brandon Morgan tried to help but says he was outnumbered.

“I was hoovering over her,” says Morgan. “They were hitting me in the back of the head, they were all jumping on top of me I couldn’t even tell you how many of them there were I mean we could only do so much. We could only swing so many times before we get hit five more times on top of that.”

Brandon says he tried to do what he could to protect himself and Alyssa but got separated from her.

Morgan: “Nobody helped. The staff members did nothing to help us. Afterwards they put their hands on us and threw us out the building. Instead of the people who actually caused the problem that they were trying to kick out in the first place.”

Jasmine Anderson, a server with the Dave and Busters in Henrietta says these fights are happening more frequently and the groups are getting larger. Within a year she says there have been about half a dozen fights. The most recent on February 4th, happened while she was working. Management asked a group of about 20 kids to leave after causing issues throughout the night.

“A bunch of kids they really just didn’t want to leave probably and they just kind of retaliated by swinging,” says Anderson.

Swinging and attacked her coworker. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. 

Anderson: “Yes I pulled out my phone, so that I could try to catch the footage just in case someone needed it. Or in case we could utilize it for various reasons due to that fact that it was one of my colleagues that was being viciously assaulted.”