Seneca Park Zoo welcomes another baby giraffe

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The Seneca Park Zoo has welcomed its second baby giraffe in two weeks. The Masai giraffe Iggy gave birth to a calf on Wednesday night. The zoo hasn’t yet announced the gender of the calf.

It comes a week after another giraffe, Kipenzi who is battling a cancerous growth, gave birth to a male calf. The zoo decided to name the calf Parker Junior in honor of his father who died earlier this year. Parker is also the father of Iggy’s calf.

Zoo veterinarian Dr. Chris McKinney says Iggy’s newborn appears healthy, is nursing, and is already running around with Parker Junior. The Animals of the Savanna building will be closed for the next few days so Iggy can bond with her newborn.

According to the zoo, Iggy and Parker were a valuable genetic pair and their offspring are important to maintain a stable Masai giraffe population for the long-term future.