Serial flasher admits to exposing himself to kids, going back to prison

Sex offender going back to prison

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ONTARIO COUNTY, N.Y. — A registered sex offender is going back to prison for repeatedly exposing himself to children at stores in Ontario County.

Paul Goodrell’s been arrested for exposing himself since 1989. Some of his victims have been as young as seven. In December, Ontario County prosecutors say Goodrell flashed four children inside three stores in canandaigua. 

He also tried to expose himself to a child at a Walmart in Victor.

News10NBC’s Hailie Higgins heard his admission in court Wednesday morning. Paul Goodrell pleaded guilty on all eight counts in court.

The 54 year old admitted to public lewdness, endangering the welfare of several children, and committing a burglary as a sexually motivated felony. He’s expected to spend seven years in prison.

Judge Craig Doran walked through every single charge with Goodrell. Goodrell said he exposed himself inside a Wegmans, a Dollar Tree, and a Tops. Inside the Wegmans, he admitted he exposed himself to two children — one seven, one four years old.

Goodrell said he’d only been aiming for the seven year old, but pleaded guilty to both nonetheless.

In the Walmart, he was stopped before he was able to flash anyone. But he’s been banned from the chain since 2021, and admitted he’d gone in to the store to commit a crime for his own sexual gratification — which is a felony. 

Originally, Goodrell was accused of exposing himself and masturbating in public. Ultimately, he pleaded to exposing himself “in a lewd manner.” Police records say Goodrell has been exposing himself in public since at least 1989. 

He’s been a registered sex offender since 2010, when he broke into a girls locker room in Auburn and flashed three teens.

On top of serving the maximum sentence for his felony charge, Goodrell will be on parole for 15 years after his prison time is up.

“It was kind of a collaborative effort between our office, the police, and victim assistance. Everyone’s pretty happy with the outcome. Speaking with the victims, we hope they find some peace of mind knowing he’s going to be incarcerated at this point,” says Ontario County Assistant District Attorney Steven Farnholz.

Goodrell will be sentenced on April 10 at 11:30 a.m.

Now, we already know how much he’ll serve, but if Goodrell violates any rules or laws while in jail, between now and April 10, Judge Doran said he would increase the prison time.