Seven Wonders keyboardist Katy Eberts, recovering from crash, finds inspiration in community’s support

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GREECE, N.Y. — Local Fleetwood Mac tribute band The Seven Wonders will play the New York State Fair on Wednesday. Back home, their keyboardist is continuing to recover from a serious spinal cord injury. Katy Eberts is currently in rehab at Unity Hospital in Greece.

It’s been a long road, but Eberts has the support of thousands — and she says it inspires her, just as she hopes to inspire others.

A month ago, Eberts and her bandmates were injured in a crash on the Thruway, after their van went into the center median, hit a tree and flipped over. They were heading to a show in Syracuse.

Eberts’ injuries were the most extensive, leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. Since leaving the intensive care unit, Eberts spends hours each day working with physical therapists, with her husband Brian by her side. Katy is learning how to raise herself in and out of her wheelchair, as well as something most of us take for granted: how to get in and out of bed.

“I’m excited that I had a lot of progress recently and the last week has been — I don’t know what’s changed, but I’ve regained some of my muscle strength back, and I’ve gotten so much stronger. I feel a lot more optimistic than I did a month ago,” Eberts said.

She has remained optimistic, and her doctors say that’s working in her favor.

“We have people with spinal cord injuries with multiple co-morbidities, but she was a healthy person coming into this, and she’s a fighter. So I think you know her progress has been amazing. she’s worked well with the team and her family are super supportive,” said Dr. Cecilia Ransom at Unity Hospital.

The community has rallied behind the band, and fundraisers are being held to help Eberts make her Irondequoit home wheelchair-accessible.