Seven years later: Quadruple homicide in Rochester unsolved

ROCHESTER, N.Y. It’s an unspeakable crime. Four people were found tied up in an attic, their mouths covered in duct tape, murdered.

Seven years later the quadruple homicide is still unsolved. Michale Royal, his fiancee Jennifer Leasure, Lachelle Powell and Michael Adams were all found dead in a Leighton Avenue home. After the murders, the house was set on fire.

Four years ago I took you inside the evidence of this case and showed you never before seen pictures from inside the house. But many of the crime scene pictures we can’t show on TV. They’re just too brutal. Here’s what the investigators on the case told me back in 2019.

Investigator Gary Galetta: “The number of victims and the brutality of this it’s kind of hard to believe it hasn’t gained as much attention. For a quadruple murder in this community, it’s so rare.”

Investigator Brennan: “We want them bad. If we find out credible info about who did this they’re done. We’ll hunt them down. We’re going after them.”

There is a reward for information that leads to an arrest in this quadruple homicide. You can call Crime Stoppers or submit a tip online. That number is 585-423-9300.