Several homes in Rochester are still without power

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – “We haven’t had power, no electricity, since 8 a.m. yesterday. It’s Christmas Eve,” Michelle Williams said, who lives on Bartlett Street.

Saturday night, some people who were still without power, were forced to leave their homes.

“We understood that they had to go out to emergencies yesterday, but today is our day, it’s Christmas Eve, and I can’t go in my home?” Williams added.  

Michelle Williams and Lamontie Thurman are neighbors along Bartlett Street. They’re part of thousands who are still waiting for power to come back. We caught them as they were leaving to find somewhere warm to go.

“We can’t go into our homes, we can’t cook, I lost food, it’s crazy,” Williams added.

Thurman says, he has family coming into town for the holiday. At one point Saturday night, RG&E crews were attending to the Bartlett Street area. They had to leave, but said trucks would come back.

“They told us they were coming back. I still told my family members come on, still come, so now we have to get an Airbnb because we have 14 people coming that were supposed to be spending Christmas in my house,” Thurman said, upset. He showed us texts trying to get through to customer service about outage assistance.

News10NBC crews have seen RG&E trucks and teams across Monroe County, working as fast as they can. When I asked Williams and Thurman what could be better, they said communication.

“You need to knock on the doors to the people who don’t have electricity and tell them what you’re going to do, how they’re going to do it, and when,” Williams said.

“They’re called to one job, then they’re called to another job, which we understand. Everyone has things going on with the electric and the weather, but you know, complete the job and go somewhere else, don’t leave us hanging man, because really, no heat?” Thurman added.

We have been on the phone with RG&E reps this weekend, and they say that most, if not all, power should be restored by midnight Saturday. Anyone who doesn’t have power is encouraged to call RG&E’s emergency line.