Shaun Nelms named VP for community partnerships at University of Rochester

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – The University of Rochester has a new leadership role being filled this Summer.

The role is the vice president for community partnerships at the University. It was announced Friday that Shaun Nelms will be taking on that role.

University President Sarah Mangelsdorf created the position to get the school more involved with local and national partners. Nelms will work to create community-based learning opportunities and research.

Nelms currently serves as the first ever superintendent of the East Education Partnership Organization, that is directly partnered with the University. The organization was launched in 2015 when East High was slated to close for failure to meet state standards.

Nelms has helped to grow the organization and successfully address disparities in urban education. Since 2015, the graduation and attendance rates have increased, and the drop-out rate has decreased.

Mangelsdorf says Nelms’ work with East High inspired conversation about University partnerships with the community.

“Shaun is a visionary leader who for the past eight years has led a revolutionary partnership that could be a model for K-12 transformation,” says Mangelsdorf. “His extraordinary work at East High School and the Warner School of Education has inspired us to think more broadly about the role innovative partnerships can play at the University level.”

Nelms will start in his new role on July 1. Marlene Blocker has been named the second superintendent of the East Education Partnership Organization.