Sheriff’s Office using social media to solve cases

Deputies use social media to help solve cases

Deputies use social media to help solve cases

These days, social media can be used for anything. Chances are you’ve probably seen police agencies post about identifying criminals and missing people.

Since last July, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has been using social media to try to solve cases.

Usually the Facebook and X posts include surveillance photos or video.

The quality of the images isn’t always great, and the suspect might be wearing something like a mask that makes them hard to identify. But, deputies say, it can be effective — and all it takes if for one person to see it and speak up.

“They can email us — — and that goes to a group of sergeants here who review all of the cases and then they will dole out those tips to the investigating deputy or the investigator themselves who are working the case. And then they’ll contact the person who left the tip and gather all the information that they can and then go from there,” said Deputy Brendan Hurley.

The department says they are seeing results.

Email tips to The tips are anonymous.

See the Sheriff’s Office Facebook here and X here.