Small businesses excited to expand, partnering with Franchise Roc

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Small businesses are looking to expand after the launch of a new city program called “Franchise Roc.” The program would give people tools they need to start a business or manage one.

Monique Chatman, owner of The Groom Room Men’s Spa on Tremont Street says learning how to start a business, brought her out of poverty. She says being able to partner with a program like Franchise Roc is a win-win. Her business gains more traction, but it also creates financial stability for people of Rochester.

“With proper education for owners and proper leadership and mentorship that we could have large names coming out of our city,” Chatman said.

Chatman established a name for herself in Rochester through her spa. It’s been running for about five years. She wants to expand, and a new program called Franchise Roc is going to help her do it.

“I want to be a franchise, but I don’t know the first thing about becoming a franchise, so I need mentorship and coaches to help me do it the right way.”

Franchise Roc is a program that gives people the tools to get there, whether that’s business owners like Chatman or someone wanting to start a business.

“We see it a lot of times in big businesses like Subway and McDonalds, people get those big opportunities but they don’t have the money to come in to franchise with those huge companies, so I think that franchising smaller businesses gives people opportunities to think big.”

At the same time, growing her business and creating jobs.

“If I had three groom room’s within the Rochester city limits, I can have a staff up to 15 people per business.”

And it gives people the opportunity to pay their bills with a passion, rather than turn to crime. Which, is also part of Franchise Roc’s initiative, to help fight city crime.

“It gives people something they love to do, other than make crime or doing crime, and killing and violence, so having a job keeps you focused, and having a passion keeps you steady,” Chatman added.

Chatman says she’s looking to expand into Buffalo too. She eventually wants to franchise her location here in Rochester. She’s open to conversations. You can email her at: