Spencerport missing cow had to be put down after suffering injuries while on the run

UPDATE: The Spencerport Bandit, the cow that went missing in August, was found but it’s not the outcome that the Maier family hoped.

The family announced on Facebook that the cow had to be put down after suffering multiple injuries she suffered while on the run. The family thanked community members who followed the cow’s journey to try to help her.

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Spencerport, N.Y. – The Spencerport Bandit is on the loose. But not the kind of “bandit” you might be thinking.

The Spencerport Bandit is a cow, and she’s wanted by her owners. The farm family tells News10NBC’s Stephanie Duprey she’s quick and they just can’t keep up with her.

“She came flying, and just launched, and it pushed these two layers right down like that, and she was over it,” owner of Maier Farms, Henry Maier said.

The all black cow is playing Houdini on her owners. Maier says he was trying to move her to a different field when she took off. That was almost two weeks ago.

“She’s been on the run since Wednesday, it’s 11 days now I believe.”

Maier says every time they creep in on her location, she “moo-ves” too quick! He shared some pictures of the “phantom like” Bandit roaming the Spencerport streets.

“She’s been hanging around Gillette, that was on Friday. Guys came out Friday with horses and dogs to get her, she crossed 531 to 31, and crossed the canal down to 104, and that’s the last time I, or anyone, has seen her.”

This is “udderly” problematic for Maier, he says he’s used countless resources to find her.

“Pushing the woods, we have drones, out, I have guys with thermal that came out, I got some professional cattle tracking guys from down by the southern tier, they came out.”

Maier says he hopes to bring her home safely, but as more time goes by, he can’t help but wonder if she’s ok.

“Where she is now, people have been saying they have major coyote problems, I hope she didn’t get caught up with them. I don’t know what else to do, I’m lost at this point, I don’t know what else to do,” Maier said, worriedly.

Maier says Bandit is not an aggressive cow, but the family asks that you do not approach the cow for safety reasons.

If you see the cow, call 911 or Henry Maier at 585-723-4406.