St. Peter’s Kitchen expands hours of service, thanks to federal dollars

St. Peter’s Kitchen expands hours of operation, thanks to federal money

St. Peter's Kitchen expands hours of operation, thanks to federal money

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — St. Peter’s Kitchen on Brown Street is expanding, thanks to federal dollars. With the American Rescue Plan Act money, its food pantry is now open on Saturdays.

The $390,000 grant is allowing St. Peter’s Kitchen to add the day to its schedule — which will help working-class people who might not be able to make it out during the week.

“The purpose of our pantry hours on Saturday is to serve working families, those that are working. They might be right on the edge, they might be rationing food, they might not be eating enough fruits and vegetables,” said Robert Boyd, chief executive officer of St. Peter’s Kitchen.

Boyd says it’s all a labor of love.

“We are opening our pantry to serve that underserved community. Our meals are healthy; last year we produced over 100,000 meals,” Boyd said.

Opening the pantry six days a week, Monday through Saturday, anytime between noon and 1 p.m., will enable St. Peter’s to help more families, Boyd said — especially those who you may not think might need a food pantry.

“The people that come here, 96 percent are housed. 40 percent are elderly. over 65 trying to live on $1,500 to $1,600 a month. They’ve worked their entire lives. How can you live on $1,500 or $1,600 a month?” Boyd said.

Amy Taylor says she is happy to show up on weekends, and plans on showing up again every weekend to help those in need.

“I really love to be around people. I’m trying to better our community and be more involved, and really see what’s happening — and the people that come here really enjoy coming here,” Taylor said.

Adding the Saturday hours is just a start: Future plans include providing delivery of healthy foods to seniors and people with disabilities who can’t easily get to the pantry.

St. Peter’s Kitchen is always in need of volunteers if you want to come by and help out.