State Street construction complete after two and a half years

State Street Construction

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Construction on one of downtown’s busiest thoroughfares is finally finished. Two and a half years of road closures officially wrapped up on State Street at 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Driving north on State Street was something that you really couldn’t do for the past two years. It was either closed or barred by construction, but now, this 1,500-foot stretch of road is back open to the public.

The roads are smooth, and the traffic cones are gone. On Tuesday morning, construction crews put the final touches on Sate Street’s reconstruction, while many felt like it dragged on.

“This has always been our schedule, when we signed our contract, it went through November 28th of 2023.”

“We were dealing with water sewer, telecommunications, you name it. Anything that it takes to basically provide a public service or utility, we had to do with our public and private partners,

Going twenty feet underground, they made repairs and upgrades to just about everything. Above ground they added bike paths and bike racks, and expanded the sidewalk where they could. But, while things look good now, it was tough on businesses.

Omar Chin opened Red, White and Brew Tap and Tasting Room just a few months before construction started. He says at first, it was okay.

“As construction progressed it got a little bit worse, and people were like you know what let’s kind of avoid the area.”

Year one, street parking was a problem. The second year—

“It was like oh okay, there’s no sidewalk. And I totally understand, it needed to get done! It was just that my timing and when it needed to get done was not 100% there.”

Chin says some businesses moved out or closed.

But now, he’s just excited to come out on the other side — and, to have all his parking and foot traffic back.

Lewis Colon with Pizza Stop said he feels the same way.

“It definitely took an impact as far as customers getting their food on time and just making it a headache for everyone but outside from that, the city had to do what they had to do to get State Street back up and running, but we’re here now, but we’re moving forward.”

Chin says that to celebrate the finished road, many of the businesses along State Street are going to have a joint ribbon cutting in the spring. Pending city approval, they’re hoping to have a block party to celebrate all that this area has to offer.