Sticker shock for shoppers as food prices rise 13-16 percent from last year

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Inflation for food at the market has hit double digits forcing people to spend a lot more at the register, for only a few bagged items.

News10NBC went to one local market to hear how shoppers are feeling the pinch as they try to put food on the table. Shoppers we talked to are used to buying enough food to last at least two weeks. Today they’re picking up what they can, hoping to stretch it out over a few days.

“I think it’s crazy. I’ve had to cut back quite a bit,” said Lorri Merchant who stopped by the Gates Big M Market Friday. She used to shop enough for a week, but lately she’s buying less.

“So as you can see, only trying to get a few necessities here,” said Merchant.

She skipped a few of the aisles she normally picks from, forgoing items that are too expensive.

“Fruits, and vegetables, meats. The prices are skyrocketing, and not sustainable for individuals,” said Merchant.

According to the Consumer Price Index, food prices are 13 percent higher than last year. Items such as cereals, and bakery products are up 16 percent. Dairy products also up 16 percent. Meats, poultry, fish, and eggs are scanning anywhere from nine to 16 percent more at the register.

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Donna Florack says she has to buy specific food for her household, and just deal with the increasing costs.

“We have special diets in our house,” said Florack. She continued, “We have one person with Celiac. I have two diabetics. So it makes it hard, and you just pay what you pay.”

Florack sets her budget to meet her shopping needs. Buying in bulk is not an option, or any sort of help to her family.

“It does, if you don’t mind eating the same thing for every meal. That makes it a little harder to. I never did like Sam’s Club, or anything because you would have to buy a giant package to bring it home, and break it up into little packages, and then after the third time the kids were like, I don’t want that,” said Florack.

At the check-out, sticker shock for Merchant.

Merchant: “Yes, 50 bucks for almost nothing.”

Patrick Moussignac: “how does it make you feel personally?”

Merchant: “Kind of sad.”