Stokoe Farms Christmas tree opening weekend

SCOTTSVILLE, N.Y. – If you prefer a real Christmas tree to light up your home, now is the time to grab one. It’s opening weekend for Stokoe Farm, and there are plenty of trees to go around.

Tress were coming down across the farm Saturday morning. We met the Caporaletti family. For the last four years they’ve chopped down their Christmas tree at Stokoe Farm, and they’re always there opening day.

“There are less people around and there is a better selection of trees,” Kevin & Carly Caporaletti said.

We asked if they had any advice to finding the perfect one.

“Be aware of how much space you have in your living room and how tall your ceilings are, because if you get too big of a tree, you’ll have to cut off the top.”

Western New York’s recent snow storm sprinkled into Scottsville, where Stokoe is. Not only did the farm turn into a snow globe, it created the perfect friction for people to glide their trees to the car. Nationally, Christmas tree prices increased because of inflation. Stokoe says its trees only went up by $1.

“Minimum wage went up again this year, fertilizer prices were kind of crazy, but we only went up a dollar this year, we really tried to keep it as tight as possible because everyone is feeling it,” Julie Izzo said.

We asked families what the holiday season means for them.

“Spend time with family, that’s all you have sometimes, and it’s important to have time for that,” the Caporaletti’s said.

Stokoe says it expects to sell just over 500 trees over the course of this weekend.