Support services available for those affected by domestic violence

Resources for those affected by domestic violence

Resources for those affected by domestic violence

PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WHEC) — Police said two people found dead in a Pittsford home Tuesday night may be a case of domestic violence ending in tragedy.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office identified the two individuals as 33-year-old Jasmine Adams and 47-year-old Andre Pellam, both of Pittsford.

Investigators aren’t saying much about just what happened inside the home, or how the pair died. What’s especially troubling about this story, is that at least one child was in the home when this happened.

“This really hits home for us, because we try so hard to do work year round with so many partners, to try to prevent things like this,” said Meaghan De Chateauvieux, CEO at Willow Domestic Violence.

She said their ultimate goal is to make sure a tragedy like this never happens.

De Chateauvieux said she couldn’t speak to specifics of this case. But she explained what support for the family looks like right now.

“Our hearts are broken for that poor child who witnessed the unimaginable last night,” she said. “So what happens is the community rallies together, and provides support for that child, and figures out a placement with the family. In this particular situation, there’s a number of family members willing to step up and support the family in this way.”

Michael Fowler, Chief Deputy with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, said they got the 911 call from a concerned family member who hadn’t heard from Adams. They’re not sure when the man and woman died, or the manner in which they died. But, they do believe it’s domestic violence related, and a possible murder-suicide.

Toi Walker-Smith is chairperson for Domestic Violence Consortium with Rochester and Monroe County, and also works for Willow. She said it takes a collaborative effort to help families through domestic violence.

“There are advocacy services, there’s court services, there’s children services, housing services,” said Walker-Smith.

At willow, the calls have been going up on the crisis line, and the dangerousness of the calls seems to be more severe as well.

“When someone makes that decision to leave, it often comes with a lot of significant needs for resources and support. So we are here to help with those next steps,” said De Chateauvieux.

“Domestic violence is a pandemic, it has run rampant for a very long time,” said Walker-Smith. “Domestic violence can happen anywhere, it can happen down the street on East Avenue, it can happen on Genesee Street. It happens anywhere.”

Willow said there’s been about eight homicides relating to domestic violence in Monroe County in 2023. Compare that to four in 2022, and five in 2021.

Willow said they see over 40,000 911 calls a year, classified as domestic disputes. The number is slightly lower from last year, but daily calls to the hotline are on the rise.

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