Surveillance video captures attempted smash-and-grab at Allstar Tactical in Greece

Attempted Smash-and-Grab

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GREECE, N.Y. – Greece Police say robbers used a stolen mini-van to crash through the garage of Allstar Tactical before trying to enter through the glass doors early Monday morning.

The General Manager Nate Abbey said he is glad that no one was able to make it into the store but he’s had enough of people trying to break-in.

In the surveillance video, a black mini-van smashes into the garage opening of the store, five people climb out of the vehicle, and attempt to smash through the front glass of the store before taking off.

“There was an attempted break-in. A car that was stolen had tried to drive in through our overhead door and they were unsuccessful at getting into the building. They did leave the vehicle here and smashed the front window,” Abbey said.

But Abbey said that the store’s double-paned glass kept the robbers from entering the store.

“It’s a double-paned tempered glass so it is quite costly. Thank God we have very good insurance, but unfortunately, it’s just another cost that we have to take on,” Abbey said.

According to Abbey, Greece, Rochester, and Gates Police quickly responded to the scene.

“It was quite a large response of law enforcement and we have a really great relationship with them so they did a fantastic job,” Abbey said.

Abbey said that this is the third break-in at the store, but none of the attempts have been successful.

“We plan to stay open yes, sir. We may be closed for a day or two but we plan to keep our normal hours,” Abbey said.

No suspects are in custody and anyone with information about who may be responsible are urged to contact Greece Police.