Susan B. Anthony House is expanding with new library and research space

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A big announcement came from leaders at the Susan B. Anthony House at Tuesday night’s annual dinner.

They’re planning a major, new expansion. The house of the women’s suffrage leader has acquired a new property it will eventually be able to use to accommodate up to 100,000 visitors a year.

This new property is also expected to include community meeting spaces, classrooms, libraries, and retail space. Right now, the house can only accommodate about 35 people at a time due to fire codes.

“We’re sharing plans that we have to expand the museum campus and to add a new building that will be an exciting interpretive center, to create a new library space and research space, and to have an opportunity to welcome all the people who want to come and hear Susan B. Anthony’s story that we’ve had to turn away because we’re sold out,” said Deborah R. Hughes, president and CEO of the Susan B. Anthony Museum,

The house is finalizing the expansion plans bright now. After that, construction begins.