Swatting call hits Brighton and Brockport schools, other parts of the state

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BROCKPORT, N.Y. – Swatting calls to New York State Police sent schools across the state into panic mode.

These responding officers say nothing is more alarming than a phone call like this. 

While Thursday’s threats were false, they come at a time where Hilton schools just went through a series of bomb scares. And just a few days ago, the tragedy in a Nashville school.

“Its hard to get inside the head of someone who does these kinds of things,” says Brendan Hurley.

As Brendan Hurley with Monroe County Sheriff’s Office says, you can’t rationalize an irrational act- which is exactly what Thursday was.

“As a parent, right, and as a family member, it’s disturbing. You see the tragedy and the chaos it creates, and in the back of my mind I know how it makes my kids feel,” says Hurley.

Hurley helped respond to a threat against the Brockport High School. A threat, similar in nature to ones made at several other schools Thursday morning. 

They’re called swatting calls- the person on the other line says they’re hiding – because of an active shooter.

“We did our due diligence, contacted the school, found out no reports of shooting or anything, but we still wanted to be safe and make sure, so we work with the school they put a hold in place at the high school,” says Hurley.

A similar situation targeted Brighton High School. New York State Sergeant John Ninfo and Keith Woodard with Brighton police helped in that response.

“Report of, I believe someone shot in a certain location within the school,” says Ninfo.

“School made the decision to shelter in place, keep them in classrooms. From there with state police, and Monroe County we were able to search the school,” says Woodward.

So, what happens now?

Eriketa Cost: “What’s the next step in investigating this, and why is this happening who is doing this?”

John Ninfo: “They’re being investigated to the fullest extent possible, between us local agencies, federal agencies, to come to that determination.”

Brighton Superintendent Kevin McGowan says in a statement that it is beyond discouraging, emotional turmoil, and practical disruption these situations create.

So far, no arrests have been made.

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New York State United Teachers released the following statement:

“As our nation reels and mourns schoolchildren lost in yet another mass shooting, today’s incidents are a new low in callousness and depravity. These swatting attacks endanger our brave members of law enforcement, terrorize children, educators and parents, and waste valuable resources. We know the FBI and local law enforcement are doing everything they can to catch these perpetrators, and we look forward to the day when they are brought to justice.”