“Swiftie Mafia” joins “Bills Mafia” at Bills game against Chiefs

Taylor Swift Fans at Bills Game

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ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. – With the Chiefs visiting Buffalo, one fan stole the spotlight.

Taylor Swift arrived in Buffalo for Sunday’s game around 4:15 p.m. The pop star quickly left Buffalo Niagara International Airport for Highmark Stadium.

Swift is dating Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. She has attended seven of the last eight Chiefs games.

Swift’s fans were out and about on Sunday ahead of the game. Most of them, were “Bills Mafia” members too. Others just wanted to catch a glimpse of Swift.

Swift may be dating a Chiefs player. but the “Swifties” all had one thing to say: Go Bills!

It was the usual sea of red, white, and blue Highmark Stadium. But some fans had an extra reason to celebrate.

“I literally got up this morning, put on my Taylor Swift playlist, and I was ready to go,” said Kayla.

Even with Taylor at the game, the Bills usually came first.

“Oh God yeah, I mean she is the queen, and she’s probably one of my favorite artists, but you know today it’s all about the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen baby,” said Hailey.

But not everyone was on board with the “Swifties.”

Lucas Schuyler said, “We’re going to throw snowballs at them. Music’s mid, not that elite and uh the Chiefs aren’t it, go Bills.”

Others were happy to lean into the craze.

“We’re making sure Taylor Swift goes home today and enjoys the off season, just like my man’s sign says. And just like my other man’s sign says, where would you rather be, than right here, right now,” said Tom.

Rob said, “I don’t care, because Love Story’s an absolute banger of a song. Love the song. Like I’ll go out to the bar and dance to it with the boys.”

Dozens of “Swifties” made plans to try and see Swift Sunday through the Facebook group “Swiftie Mafia” They had “Taygates,” with the biggest in Hammer’s Lot.

“I would say that a big portion of our group members are coming to see Taylor. And I will admit I am a bigger “Swiftie” than I am a football fan, but I am getting swept up,” said Danielle Cumpston.

Cumpston started “Swiftie Mafia” last year.

Cumpston said, “Our group has over 800 members, we have Taylor Swift events in Buffalo and now of course we have this amazing crossover with her coming to Buffalo for the game, so we’re just really excited.”

And for those that don’t understand the hype: “You love the Bills. Think about how much you love the Bills. You wear their jerseys, you come to the games, you tailgate. Thats how we feel about Taylor Swift.”

Whether they were just a “Swiftie”, just part of the “Bills Mafia,” or part of that middle ground where they’re both, everyone that News10NBC spoke to had a blast ahead of the game.