Teenager arrested on stolen car and police chase at 7:30, released by 12:30

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MONROE COUNTY, N.Y. — A car was stolen in Irondequoit Friday morning. After a chase, police arrested a teenager.

That teenager was at the police department when we arrived to talk to the Irondequoit chief.
By the time the interview was done, the teenager was released and back in the public.

Brean: “When I walked in here the person you arrested, the teenager, was sitting in the lobby.”
Chief Scott Peters, IPD: “Yes sir.”
Brean: “Ready to go.”
Chief: “Yes sir.”
Brean: “Waiting for a ride.”
Chief: “Yes sir.”
Brean: “So by the time we’re done with this interview he may be gone, back out into the community.”
Chief: “Yes sir. There’s nothing more that anybody else has not said. This is a prime example of exactly what the frustration is with law enforcement.”

The teenager was gone, approximately six hours after police say he stole the car. He was caught when he hit a dead end off Goodman Street.

Brean: “When you talk to people in Irondequoit, what do they ask you to do about it?”
Chief: “Well, continue to keep doing our job, and all I can say is if we want to get some changes it has to go on the lawmakers’ side.”

After a Monroe County Sheriff’s deputy was nearly hit by a stolen car after stopping another stolen car in Webster, the sheriff’s office and several police departments asked the state for money for a new, special detention center for teenagers.

The governor was asked about that in Rochester Friday morning.

Gov. Kathy Hochul: “We are laser focused on this, and I’m willing to work with the sheriff and anybody who thinks we have a solution to get to this and if more space is needed, I’m willing to look at that.”

This year murders are down.
Shootings are down.
Burglaries are down.
Robberies are down.
Car thefts are up 300 percent.