Tenney advocates for ‘Laken Riley Act,’ would require ICE be notified of non-citizens’ arrests

Rep. Tenney advocates for Laken Riley Act

Rep. Tenney advocates for Laken Riley Act

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Rep. Claudia Tenney was in Rochester on Saturday rallying support for the Laken Riley Act. The legislation, passed by the House of Representatives on Thursday, would require local law enforcement to notify ICE of arrests or convictions of people who are not citizens.

Laken Riley was a Georgia student who police say was killed by a Venezuelan man who illegally crossed the border.

The bill received overwhelming Republican support but also received 37 votes from House Democrats. Tenney, a Republican who represents New York’s 24th District, is hoping more elected officials come on board as the legislation heads to the Senate.

“We are hoping that Senator Gillibrand and Senator Schumer, and some Democrats who want to support this and care about public safety, will pass this,” Tenney said.

Two days after the House passed the Laken Riley Act, Tenney was in Rochester calling on all elected officials to get behind the bill.

“A number of my state partners are tremendous advocates on behalf of behalf of our police.. attending our law enforcement forums that we’ve had in the North Country, Jefferson County — we recently had one in Ontario County, in Victor,” she said.

It’s the latest move by Republican lawmakers to put a spotlight on the situation at the southern border.

Tenney says this is a matter that deserves national attention but will also be able to benefit people here.

“(Governor) Kathy Hochul has indicated on numerous occasions that these people that attacked, these illegal immigrants who attacked the New York P.D. should be deported; she’s talked about how we need to do vetting. We need to get Governor Hochul to sign legislation to advocate for the new Laken bill that’s going to be introduced in the state Legislature to keep our citizens safe,” Tenney said Saturday.

Ahead of the State of the Union address on Thursday night, Rep. Joe Morelle, D-25th, spoke about immigration and border security heading into the general election during an interview with News10NBC.

“It’s a really important issue, no question, and on the minds of many Americans. How do we deal with border security? How do we create a path to citizenship for those who want to come to this country>” Morelle said.

And while Morelle wasn’t among the 37 Democrats who voted to pass the Laken Riley Act on Thursday, he says he recognizes the importance of coming together to find a solution.

“It has to be a balanced approach. It’s one that adds security and resources to protect our border, to process requests for those who want to come here and participate in American life,” he said.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has not said whether he intends on bringing the bill to the floor for a vote in the Senate.

News10NBC heard from Angela Perez-Delgado, president and CEO of the Ibero-American Action League, which works to provide local programs for those seeking asylum.

She stated: “The murder of Laken Riley was a horrible tragedy. It is our hope that her family receives the justice she deserves.”

She adds: “As we think about the impact locally, let’s be clear that all asylum seekers who are here in Rochester have entered the United States temporarily by legal means, have open asylum claims in immigration court, and consistently engage in regular check-ins with ICE.”

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Rep. Tenney highlights legislation in Laken Riley’s name

Rep. Tenney highlights legislation in Laken Riley's name