‘That is shocking video’: Community reacts to body camera footage of trooper shooting, killing teen in East Bloomfield

Trooper Shooting of Teen in East Bloomfield

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EAST BLOOMFIELD, N.Y. – The community reacts to the release of body camera footage of a shooting in East Bloomfield in which a New York State Trooper shot a teenager.

Monday, the State Attorney General’s office released the body camera footage of a trooper shooting and killing a 17-year-old in the front yard of a home in East Bloomfield, after state police say the teen lunged at the trooper with a knife. That’s when the trooper shot and killed him.

The footage shows the moments leading up to when a trooper fired at a 17-year-old outside a home in East Bloomfield last November.

News10NBC went to that home in Bloomfield but after several attempts, no one answered the door. However, many in the community had a lot to say after watching the video News10NBC showed them, which was released by the state office of special investigation.

“It’s scary, it’s not supposed to happen here, Sarah Kuhn said.

“That is a shocking video to see,” Toby said.

Neighbors were speechless and shaking their heads after viewing the video. They expressed how their heart breaks for the family of the teen and explained this is not something you ever want to happen.

“It was a little disturbing to watch but I know that he was going there for a welfare check, and he was just doing his job,” Toby said.

It was on November 15, 2023, when state police say they were called to a home on State Route 64. They say an anonymous tip to the New York State Homeland Security Department said someone at the house was talking about killing someone.

State police then say when the trooper arrived at the home, he had a short conversation with a teen. State police say when the trooper asked the teenager to take his hands out of his pocket, the teen pulled out a knife and charged. The trooper then shot him, killing him.

“Sad on both sides. They’re not expecting to be attacked, yet they are, so it’s a tough situation for all parties involved. On the other side the guy who lived there could’ve had a full life,” Toby said.

Kuhn watched the video and after hearing multiple shots expressed her concern.

“I think it could’ve been handled with one shot,” Kuhn said.

The AG’s office of special investigation says its primary objective is to fairly and thoroughly investigate officer-involved shootings. It also seeks to provide transparency to the public and strengthen the public’s trust in these matters.

“It’s sad on both parts honestly, but as someone who went to college for criminal justice, in that split second they have to make a decision and unfortunately that decision went wrong at that time,” Kuhn said.

By law the AG’s office must investigate every shooting involving a police officer causing the death of an individual. The office of special investigation is continuing to investigate.

You can watch the full video here.

The video contains content that may be disturbing.